News 9 September 2020

DJing Is Now Officially Being Offered As A GCSE

9 September 2020

DJing will now be offered as a formal GCSE after following a campaign for the skill to be recognised as a formal qualification by two brothers.

Since 2015, brother Austen and Scott Smart have been working to get the art of DJing acknowledged in formal education with their FutureDJs initiative.

Previously, they succeeded in making DJing decks eligible for GCSE assessment as an instrument but last week, they secured a massive achievement when FutureDJs and the London College of Music Examiners published a syllabus with grade certifications which provide a national standard for GCSE marking. The syllabus now puts CDJs on the same level as jazz and classical instruments.

The examination will be offered by the London College of Music Examiners later this year and will be delivered by FutureDJs.

Sandra Allan of the AQA exam board said the syllabus is “allowing more accessibility and diversity, giving students opportunity they may not have considered before now”.

A listing on the London College of Music Examiners reads: “LCME is delighted to offer a brand new range of graded exams for DJs in partnership with FutureDJs.

“Future DJs’ highly skilled DJ tutors offer an online course on, which will prepare you to take our new, forward-thinking exams.

“These qualifications are suitable for both existing and aspiring DJs and are offered at three levels: Debut (equivalent to Grade 1), Breakthrough (equivalent to Grade 3), Artist (equivalent to Grade 5).”