News 10 February 2016
Author: Bernie Mac

DMX in “good spirits” after being found unconscious by police

10 February 2016

The DOG himself, DMX, has never been far away from a controversy or two, but according to TMZ Monday evening could have been his very last one.

His team said that it was an asthma attack, but TMZ speculate that something more sinister may have been the cause of it.

Police in Yonkers (New York) found X unconscious at the Ramada Inn at around 6pm on Monday evening on the ground of the parking lot. He was allegedly not breathing and had no pulse, the police performed CPR and his pulse came back.

A witness came forward and told police that X “had ingested some sort of powder before lapsing into unconsciousness” (This is still not proven by the way, lets not start getting ahead of ourselves), and he was given Narcan, an antidote often used to treat overdoses.

In a recent update on his condition, super producer and long time friend and collaborator Swizz Beatz has gone to Twitter to say that he had been on the phone to DMX himself since the incident and that he was “good and in great spirits”

We all wish him a speedy recovery, legends never die!