News 25 August 2015
Author: Caroline SM

Do you want work experience in the industry you’re interested in?

Author Caroline SM
25 August 2015

Are you interested in getting the experience in the industry you want a future career in? Have you just finished school and are looking to for courses and opportunities in the creative sectors?
BCE are providing the some of the best courses and apprenticeship opportunities in the UK for the creative industries such as Media, Music Production and Business, Fashion, Performance Arts and more. If you’ve recently finished school and want to get into any of these industries then there are some great opportunities awaiting you.

Organisations such as Vice, Weird Science, Audioboom and more are all providing opportunities to work for them and gain experience through BCE apprenticeships; with valuable insight and knowledge gained throughout their 2-year courses as well.

With BCE Level 3 courses being equivalent to 3 A-Levels, they also provide the opportunity to learn and gain the qualifications to move onto Higher Education (if you’d like to study further).

Why should I enrol for BCE?

With BCE specialising in the creative industries, the learning and opportunities you get have a good balance on learning these new skills and applying them practically. Whether you’ve got a passion for directing, editing, animation, music, fashion or just generally bringing your ideas to life visually; BCE has an abundance of resources and equipment to put what you learn along the way into practice.
There are courses ranging from Digital Media (for all you asprining directors and videographers), Music Production and Business, to Games Design, so whatever your skillset and interests are, there’s something for you.

You can enrol now for any course you wish, but spaces are limited so apply soon to ensure you get the course or apprenticeship you want!

If you’re eager to learn and progress into your career, then make sure you get in touch with them ASAP and ask any questions you have about the courses and opportunities on offer before signing up.

For more info contact BCE – 020 8498 3300 or [email protected]