News 19 April 2022

Doctored Sound Share ‘The Miseducation Of The Insta Generation’ Featuring SB, Samson & More

19 April 2022

Black female-led record label, Doctored Sound, have shared a brand-new project titled The Miseducation Of The Insta Generation.

Inspired by Lauryn Hill’s classic album The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill, this project from Doctored Sound explores themes from the 90s project – such as love, pain and pressures – in the hope of inspiring the next generation of artists.

Featuring on The Miseducation Of The Insta Generation are rising talents SB, Mercy’s Cartel, Samson and Denyher who all deliver two solo tracks, before joining forces on the project’s outro “Onto Something”.

Speaking on the tape, Isatta Cesay – Doctored Sound’s founder – said: “The music industry always asks questions about female rappers and their position in the market. As a Black female rapper, I thought it would be great to create an example, through Doctored Sound, in order to back up my responses.

“I wanted to do this by using arguably the greatest rap album of all time as inspiration, because it was created by a Black woman.”

Make sure you take in The Miseducation Of The Insta Generation below!