News 11 November 2017
Author: Rebecca Rose

Doing Numbers: Dave Storms charts with new releases

11 November 2017

Once again its an incredibly strong week for UK music in the charts in terms of both new entries and those still making their mark after many weeks. It always amazing to see the amount of love out there for UK projects that is directly translating into numbers. 

We need to start with Dave. His hotly anticipated Game Over EP dropped last Friday and as expected, it stormed its way in going straight to number 13 on the album chart. Additionaly, his single from the EP “No Words” featuring MoStack has charted at number 18, providing the multi talented MC with his first top 20 single. In total, 6 out of the 7 tracks on the EP made it to the top 100 single chart, once again proving Dave’s stamp on the game isn’t going anywhere. 

Also notable this week is Fredo’s new track “Change” which has gone straight in at 63. This is the first time charting for him and an amazing achievement for the MC. This is only just the beginning for Fredo and the charts, expect more from him very soon. 

The living legend that is “Big Shaq” has acheieved what we all predicted and climbed the charts once again. The ever growing momentum surrounding the music video released for the track, which by the way now has 40 million views, has now taken him back into the top 20, at number 11. He’s been on the charts for 7 weeks now and is set to be there for a while. That’s quick maths. 

Stormzy’s “Blinded my Grace Part 2”, is making its way up the charts. It’s now back at 22 after being at 40 last week which is an impressive jump to say the least. Stormzy is fast becoming a household name and the growing reach of his music means that he’s on a path for even more well deserved greatness. The GSAP album is currently sitting at 23 after 37 weeks in the chart, what a year for him. 

Also worth mentioning is Mabel and Kojo Fundz collaboration “Finders Keepers” that is at number 10 this week and still doing major numbers. As well as this, Yungen and Yxng Bane are at 41 with “Bestie” after 19 weeks on the charts, a massive congratulations is due to them and everyone else mentioned that is flying high this week. 

The UK music charts takeover doesn’t stop here, check back next week for another run through of the Official Charts.