News 26 January 2019
Author: Seth P

Doing Numbers: Russ’ “Gun Lean” breaks into the top ten

26 January 2019

Despite the media frenzy (or maybe precisely because of it) drill has continued to go from strength to strength, and continued to achieve mainstream success. Digdat’s banger “Airforce” first broke into the top 20 in December last year, Russ’ smash “Gun Lean” has caused ripples that have shaken up the charts even further. “Gun Lean” which found itself at number 34 last week, has made astounding progress and broke into the top ten, taking the number nine spot on this week’s charts.

The original track dropped a month ago, but a remix was always on the horizon, and with all the noise made by the original Russ was certainly not going to be short of people willing to jump on the remix. Eventually settling on an all-star cast featuring Lethal Bizzle, Ms Banks, Taze, LD and Digga D – the tune quickly broke records on our channel – currently on 2.6 milli. If you’ve missed the visuals check em out here.


Another GRM Premiere doing bits in the charts is NSG & Tion Wayne’s collaborative effort “Options”. The Jae5 produced hit has continued to climb up the charts week on week, and the tune is currently just outside the top ten at number 12. Be sure to check out the wavey visuals on our channel right here.


As we pivot our focus stateside briefly, the mammoth collaboration between Drake and Meek Mill has moved inside the top 20 this week taking the number 18 spot with “Going Bad”. Speaking of mammoth collaborations, we’ve got one of our very own not too far off this – at number 21 we’ve got Headie One & Dave’s “18 HUNNA” the tune became Headie One’s first top ten single.


AJ Tracey’s latest banger from his forthcoming album “Psych Out” has gone straight in at number 27. The west London MC showcases his versatility by offering something unexpected on this one, we can certainly expect more out of the box flows when the album lands on February the 8th. Check out the visuals for “Psych Out” right here in the meantime.


The Viral smash turned chart mainstay “Advice” from Cadet and Deno Driz still finds itself in the top 40, taking the number 36 spot this week slipping four spots from last week. Tion Wayne appears on the charts again at number 51 this time collabing with Swarmz on “Bally”. Another tune that’s sure to touch the top 40 in weeks to come. Check out the GRM Premiered visuals right here.


Fredo has unleashed the second set of visuals from his debut album Third Avenue due on the 1st of February. “Survival of the Fittest” comes in at number 58 this week but it’s definitely a climber if Fredo’s track record is anything to go by. Yxng Bane is just one spot lower at number 59 with “Needed Time” – hopefully we’ll get some more music from Bane in the not too distant future.


Dave and Fredo’s ground-breaking tune “Funky Friday” comes in at number 65 this week, and after scooping the number one spot and spending 16 charts the tunes impact can certainly not be understated. Be sure to check back next week for the latest chart developments!