News 12 March 2018
Author: Rebecca Rose

Doing Numbers: Sneakbo goes Top 20 with ‘Brixton’ Album

12 March 2018

We’re back again with another explosive week in the UK charts. We all know the sound of the UK is ever growing and this week has the numbers to prove it, let’s delve in and see where we are at this week.

MoStack has done it again. He’s gone straight in at number 37 with his fresh banger “What I Wanna”. After his mixtape High Street Kid charted top 20 last year it was apparent he was destined for big things in the mainstream, and his entry this week has proved just that. If you haven’t caught the Kaylum Denis shot visuals for this one yet, you need to. You can check it right here.

One place ahead of MoStack at number 36 is Hardy Caprio with “Rapper”. It’s his first release of the year and has catapulted into the charts. Hardy has burst onto the scene with a whole heap of energy and bars for days, his talent is really shining through. To learn more about his journey, take a listen to his interview with Julie on her Beats 1 show, right here.

Sneakbo has absolutely killed it. It’s hard to believe this is his debut album whilst having such a legendary status, but Brixton has charted at number 20 at his first week of release. It almost goes without saying that this is so well deserved, he’s an icon in the game and has influenced so many of the new artists coming through today. More life to Sneakbo every time.

Raye is representing right now. Her majestic voice is all over the charts, firstly with her collaboration with the one and only KoJo Funds on “Check” which is at number 31 this week climbing from last week’s 33. She’s also at number 45 with the insanely good “Cigarette” featuring none other than Stefflon Don and Mabel. We’re going to be hearing a lot from Raye this year and we cannot wait.

We couldn’t forget about Jumanji. This one is everywhere right now and has quickly become the song of the moment. B Young is at 15 this week from last week’s 19 and deserves a huge congratulations for going top 20. It’s rise isn’t over yet and we’re expecting higher numbers next week. B Young grabbed 23 and Chip for the Jumanji remix, you can watch that here.

And that’s that, as you can see it’s a major look for UK music in the charts right now. They’ll be plenty more to discuss next week, so check back here for all you need to know at GRM Daily.