News 4 January 2018
Author: Marisa Lee

Donald Trump called a “f*cking idiot” in most shocking revelations yet

Author Marisa Lee
4 January 2018

A writer named Michael Wolff has written an “explosive” book detailing everything he heard throughout a period of “unchecked access” to Trump’s world for weeks, during which he spoke on and off record with anyone he wanted to.

The revelations are apparently going to two sets of problems for Trump, damaging his already difficult relationship with Russia and also damaging his ego.

In regards to Russia, Wolff quotes ex-chief strategist Steve Bannon describing a June 2016 Trump Tower meeting with Donald Trump Jr and Russian operatives promising dirt on candidate Hillary Clinton as “treasonous” – and adds that he was certain Trump Jr took the Russians to meet his father, directly contradicting many promises that no meetings happened.

This is particularly problematic as Trump is currently under criminal investigation looking at whether he and his campaign colluded with Russia to impact the elections.

The second set of allegations in the book are just tragic and damage nobody other than ego-maniac Trump himself. Have a look at them below.

– Trump did not want to win, and neither did anyone else on his staff. They weren’t prepared to. When he did, Melania cried, and not in happiness.

– Mr Bannon says Ivanka Trump is as “dumb as a brick” – and he and other staff openly describe President Trump’s lack of knowledge and ability to absorb basic information.

– One adviser describes how Mr Trump’s eyes “rolled back in his head” when he tried to explain the constitution to him.

– His deputy chief of staff described him as a “child”

– Rupert Murdoch is quoted as calling Mr Trump a “f****** idiot”.

– His treasury secretary and top economic adviser also apparently both regard him as stupid.

Trump’s administration has of course strongly denied all of the allegations.