News 23 June 2016
Author: Alex Griffin

Don’t Flop’s YouTube account has been terminated #FreeDontFlop

23 June 2016

Yesterday, popular UK rap battle channel Don’t Flop had their YouTube account suspended. Founder Rowan “Eurgh” Faife has since issued a statement, citing an unnamed former employee as the reason why. Allegedly, they had been filing complaints about the account for a while, and YouTube have finally pulled the plug.

Lets hope the issue can get resolved as swiftly as possible.


Official statement:

“As many of our supporters have noticed, today the Don’t Flop YouTube account has been terminated without warning.

We have been carefully dealing with the issue of a former employee submitting numerous fake copyright claims for a long period of time now, as we suspected that if left unresolved it may result in account termination.

We have been clear on the gravity of the situation ever since the first complaint was lodged but have yet been unable to successfully prove our compliance with YouTube policies.

We have always made sure that we operate under all necessary YouTube regulations and have paid even closer attention to assuring this in recent months to prevent a situation like this from occurring.

At present, we are working with YouTube to fix this issue ASAP and reinstate our channel with the hope of no further problems. We have been informed it may take up to a week to get Don’t Flop back online, but in the mean time you can still keep up to date with all of our activities through our usual social media channels.

To clarify, this incident will have no effect on all of our forthcoming events and bookings.

We intend to release a second detailed statement at a later date as soon as we have more information, explaining in full what has been happening and how we intend to go forward.

Anybody who can offer any extra assistance to us at this time, please e-mail [email protected]


This sucks, but at least the former employee didn’t do something really crazy, like this guy: