News 6 August 2017
Author: Seth P

Here’s everything that’s happened in the Dot Rotten Vs P Money beef (so far)

6 August 2017

Clashing has undoubtedly birthed some of the scenes most iconic moments. Over the last month we’ve been witnessing another one of those iconic moments, as P Money and Dot Rotten have locked horns in one of the most exciting lyrical wars the game has ever seen.

Dot Rotten’s beef with O.Gz harks back many years and the dubs reference many of these past beefs. After leaving O.Gz, Dot had allegedly made a diss track for Little Dee that he tried to hide from him, which sparked a back and forth between Little Dee and Dot Rotten.

When Nu Era, aka N.E – who was the founding member of Organized Grime (O.Gz) -sadly passed away many of the members of the O.Gz felt that Dot’s conduct was disrespectful to N.E, that he allegedly failed to attend N.E’s funeral, which was the motive behind Dot getting rushed in Nandos.

With this brief little bit of context, both the P Money and Dot Rotten dubs will make a little bit more sense. Below we will present a chronological timeline of arguably the most exciting beef we’ve had the pleasure of bearing witness to.

Dot Rotten – The Grime Show set

Dot Rotten, who before this had taken a step away from the mic and been sticking to producing under the moniker Zeph Ellis, made his explosive return on Sir Spyro’s show on Rinse FM. Dot’s impassioned lyrical onslaught served as a reminder to those who had forgotten that he’s just as much of a monster on the mic as he is on the boards.

Dot Rotten – Fire In The Booth (part 2)

Dot hit up Charlie Sloth with his second Fire In The Booth at the beginning of July. Opting to spit the entire thing acapella, he clearly had something to get off his chest, and didn’t want to hide behind a beat. At around the six minute mark, Dot fires shots at his nemesis saying “I got P Money hating on me/ I’m stating it, f*** Him”. Everyone already knows P is a war MC, so it was only a matter of time before some return shots were fired.  

Dot Rotten – Organised Grime

It didn’t take long for Dot Rotten to elevate from merely taking pops at P Money and release a full blown diss track in the shape of “Organised Grime”. The five minute barrage of bars is filled with plenty of hard lyrics that will  have hard-core fans will be coming back again and again in order to catch all of the shots Dot has sent.

P Money – Real Talk

There was no chance that P Money wasn’t going to answer this call to arms. The South London MC wasted no time in firing back at Dot Rotten on “Real Talk”. The fans’ prayers were about to be answered, as this really looked like a battle for the ages was about to unfold, as P Money’s tune seemed to say an awful lot that sent the comments sections and Twitter timelines wild.

P Money – Liars In The Booth

P had plenty left in the chamber before Dot had a chance to respond to “Real Talk”. He let another one fly, called “Liars in the Booth”, and he also released a whole EP dedicated to the beef entitled Snake. Unlike most lyrical beefs these days, nothing seemed premeditated about this one and the genuine dislike between the two made it all the more entertaining for the fans.

Dot Rotten – Real Talk

Dot Rotten jumps on the same beat and released his own “Real Talk” a few days later. Similar to P’s, it’s clear that the two of them have a lot of shared history that they’re not afraid to bring up in their respective diss tracks. The eight minute offering from Dot Rotten once again had fans wondering who really was winning the hardest clash in over a decade.

P Money – Did You Notice?

Somehow both MCs seemed to take the levels up after each tune. P Money came back with some more insane flows and bars on “Did you Notice?”, again dishing plenty of dirt that had fans frantically google searching to seek out any evidence of the crazy claims that both MCs are making on their respective diss tracks.

Dot Rotten – Facts

Once again Dot Rotten comes back with the flames on “Facts”. This track was recorded before his Lewisham enemy had released “Did you Notice?” and is in reply to “Mug”, which is off the Snake EP and did not get a video, as well as  “Liars In The Booth”. 

Dot Rotten – Steak Bake

Returning the favour of two consecutive dubs, Dot released “Steak Bake” the same day as “Facts”,  as the beef continued to intensify. Sometimes clashing can result in some incredible music and this is most certainly the case with Dot vs P Money as fans have been treated to some fire tracks; this was probably one of the hardest of the bunch.

P Money – Bruck Beyond Broke

P Money completed the hat trick of dubs for the day, as he unleashed “Bruck Beyond Broke”. The tune features a chopped up sample from one of the most iconic beats in grime, “Morgue”, produced by the Godfather Wiley. This may just be one of the best lyrical war that the scene has ever seen as neither side shows any signs of letting up.

P Money – I Got Bars/Man Like Peri

A couple of days later, P Money gave us two dubs for the price of one with “I Got Bars/Man Like Peri”. The OG had even packaged his dubs into a second EP called Snake EP 2, which features all the latest dubs as well as “On Sight”, which as of yet hasn’t got any visuals.

Dot Rotten – Spirit Bomb

On “Spirit Bomb”, the rapper/producer adopts a more laid-back approach and spits over a mellow instrumental. As well as addressing some of the shots P Money fired at him in “Bruck Beyond Broke”, Dot Rotten also uses the track to add his perspective on the history of their beef.

P Money – Shut Up Blud

P Money came through with another dub, “Shut Up Blud”, and allegedly this is the last video he’s going to drop on what has been one of the most epic grime beefs in recent memory. On the latest dub P presents what looks like a police statement from Dot Rotten and he also sampled a voice recording of Dot which mentions Krept and Konan…

Dot Rotten – The Truth Part 2

Dot Rotten as per usual didn’t take long to respond and has clapped back with some hard bars with no visuals to distract from the pure lyricism. Dot tries to counter all the points that P Money brought up on “Shut Up Blud”. We’ll leave all the evidence of the insane clash here for you to examine and decide who’s the worthy victor.