Videos 27 October 2020

Dotty Kicks Off Insightful New Series ‘How To’ With Beats by Dre & #Merky Books

27 October 2020

Dotty has linked up with Beats by Dre to kick off a new series in partnership with #Merky Books.

Titled How To…, the new series is an informative one which will be made up of several roundtable talks on topics regarding the biggest issues in society.

In the first episode, Dotty is joined by The Black Curriculum’s Lavinya Stenett, Exist Loudly and #QueerBlackChristmas’ Tanya Compas and author Joshua Virasami; with the conversation beginning with Virasami speaking on his book How To Change It which is centred around successful campaigning. Later on in the conversation, the group speak on social justice, the London riots, Black History Month and much more.

Watch episode 1 of How To… above.