News 28 March 2017
Author: Alex Griffin

Drake cancelled his show in Amsterdam (but not because he was high)

28 March 2017

Drake was due to perform in Amsterdam last night, but he cancelled the show after doors opened, much to the dismay of the crowd.

A promoter arrived on stage to tell the crowd at the 17,000 capacity Ziggo Dome venue that Drake couldn’t perform because he had fallen ill and his doctor had ordered him not to perform.

Given the location, rumours online began to circulate that Drake had been smoking the good stuff and that he was too high to perform. Those rumours have already been dispelled by a source close to him.

Footage has emerged after the announcement, where the angry crowd booed and threw drinks on stage towards the promoter, Mojo.

Those fans in attendance were however told that their tickets would still be fully valid for his show on Wednesday. It’s not been much to quell the upset from the Dutch fans though, as he already cancelled his date there back in January.

Let’s hope Drake gets better soon and More Life continues to break records.