News 25 May 2019

Drake’s Dad is getting his own TV show

25 May 2019

Drake’s father, Dennis Graham, has revealed that he is embarking on a new project; a television show called Fame and Family.

The Graham family patriarch will develop the new series with the blessing of his son. Dennis said, “I’m filming a new TV show, where I’m interviewing the parents of superstars. It’s called Fame And Family. It’s my new project, and it’s gonna be fantastic. Drake just called me, and I shared it with him and he goes, ‘Dad, that’s the best thing you’ve ever done’”.

Dennis also revealed that the pilot episode has already been filmed and features him interviewing Master P and Deon Cole from the successful American comedy series Black-ish.

Mr Graham also hinted that Drake may appear on a future episode of the series saying, “I would like to sit down and have a conversation with him”.

Fame and Family adds to the list of television endeavours for Drake and his family which include of course his teenage days as a star on the teen drama series Degrassi: The Next Generation, his executive producer credit on the upcoming HBO drama Euphoria and of course, his work on the upcoming new series of the hugely successful British series, Top Boy which is due to drop this Autumn. Watch the trailer to Euphoria here.

The new season of Top Boy will premiere on Netflix and is set to star Ashley Walters, Kano and Bashy in their original roles as well as Dave and Little Simz as new characters.

With no official release date for Fame and Family yet, watch the trailer to the new season of Top Boy here and when you’re done, click here to read our recent feature on Drake and his undeniable love and respect for the UK scene.