Interviews News 29 April 2016
Author: Sam

Could Drake cameo in ‘Top Boy’? Drizzy talks Skepta, Top Boy, RiRi and more with Zane Lowe

Author Sam
29 April 2016

In a rarely candid interview with Zane Lowe last night, played just before the premiere of Drake’s latest project ‘Views’ on Beats 1, the Toronto Hot Line Blinger spoke on many topics the Drakosphere has been discussing in recent months.

Touching on everything from Skepta, to ‘Top Boy’, to relations with Kanye, RiRi, Nicki and Jay-Z, Drake did not shy away.

Here’s what we found out.

On his relationship with BBK’s Skepta, Drizzy shared an opinion that will get many UK fans excited, stating “We just got to link up and decide, ‘What does a Drake and Skepta song sound like?”, adding “I’m excited to hear his project… “Man” is crazy.”

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He also spoke about his relationship with Kanye West…

“He’s one of my favorite people period, in the world. I love Ye. He’s a really good guy. I grew up with him as a role model. Always given him credit that’s why we’re here right now.”

“It’s amazing to be his friend… We can link each other and discuss anything. Feeling a way on this or just leisure talk, we have a great relationship. I hope we get more music out. We were supposed to do a mixtape together and album together.”

And Jay-Z…

“Sometimes we just fall on opposite sides of the spectrum. It’s always mutual respect but sometimes it has to be from afar.”

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And RiRi…

“It wouldn’t be a record without Rihanna, would it? We do well as a team …  We’re not forcing some story on people. A lot of the music and energy we have is genuine. We have a genuine energy.”

And his estranged relations with Nicki Minaj…

“I don’t really talk to Nicki. I understand what love is, and I understand her situation. She dealt with me how I expected her to, with class.”

And Taylor.

“I love Taylor too man. She’s angelic to me man.”

Not to forget his involvement in the upcoming ‘Top Boy’ series.

“It’s kind of out there that I’m working on Top Boy. I got something nice coming up in May. I’d love to go back to acting. It’s all about the right decisions”

And the much-discussed “Hotline Bling” skank? Drake credited his choreographer Tanisha Scott, adding:

I was expecting the reaction. I was praying for it.”

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Discussing the album itself, Drake said:

“There’s some harsh truth on this album… [It] is probably my highest level of vocal performance.”

And for all those rappers hoping Drizzy is going away anytime soon, no such luck.

“I got some other songs in the stash. I’m gonna have an arsenal of songs that have nothing to do with ‘Views’.”

‘Views’ is available here. Check below for the updated tracklist with production credits.