News 22 August 2016
Author: Marisa Lee

Are Drake and Meek Mill still beefing?

Author Marisa Lee
22 August 2016

Drake has been using his “Summer Sixteen” tour to take more shots at rappers he’s had issues with recently, namely Joe Budden and of course Meek Mill.

DJ Akademiks Tweeted that at Drake’s show in Philly (Meek Mill’s home state), the 6God came out in an Allen Iverson Jersey (he played for the Philadelphia 76ers) and opened his set with “Summer Sixteen”. Man is clearly still looking for his revenge.

Drake even apparently changed the lyrics to some of his tunes to further deep Meek…

And in this video can be heard changing the lyrics on “Still Here” to “Man you not really from Philly and they can tell nigga.” Ouch.

Fans are also tweeting that Drake said “born in Toronto but Philly adpoted us” during the show. Meek was ready to hit back though, and after the show allegedly showed up with his goons to confront Drake about his comments. A bunch of guys were seen in videos on Instagram outside the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia where the show was.

It’s not confirmed that the group were really associated with Meek Mill, but in the below video one of the group can be seen saying, “He got the police guarding him and he won’t come out.” The guy in the video adds that Drake, “sent J. Prince out here, talking to niggas, man. These niggas pussy. They closed the gates up and all that.”

@meekmill goons at @champagnepapi concert waiting on him to come out

A video posted by (@fameolousent) on

Meek Mill posted and deleted a caption on Instagram regarding the drama, but deleted the caption after.

@meekmill says @champagnepapi still running

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Drake didn’t directly respond of course, but posted the following picture to Instagram in the midst of the beef.

The saga continues – keep your eyes peeled here at GRMDaily for more.