News 6 May 2016
Author: Sam

Are Drake, Skepta, Novelist and Chip about to do a madness in Toronto?

Author Sam
6 May 2016

Words: @sjriptweets

Something mental might just be brewing over on Drizzy’s 6 side with a squad of Grime dons.

You might remember GRM conspiring a while back about what Skepta and Drake might be plotting, given their blossoming relationship and the close timings of their album releases.

To many fans disappointment there was no Skeppy feature on ‘Views’, and Driz was nowhere to be see on ‘Konnichiwa’, BUT the mad ting we we were hoping for might around the corner, in Toronto.

Here’s the evidence.

Firstly, Skepta and his BBK squad are en route to Canada, having just dropped ‘Konnichiwa’ in Japan. Skep decided to premiere his album the day before the intended release date at a Boiler Room show in Tokyo and is only doing his first live UK show following the album release in London this Sunday.

Why is Skep heading to Canada? And what was important enough to make him opt for these unconventional dates around his album release?

Next up, Chip (a long term associate of Skepta) cancelled his set at Saturday’s Eskimo Dance as he wouldn’t be in the country. Eskimo Dance is a big booking to cancel, so we know wherever Chip is headed must be a big deal. More significantly, though, he’s also been hyping on Twitter and Instagram about heading to Canada for a link up with BBK, writing ‘CM X BBK DON’T ASK ME NUTTM! LONDON X CANADA!’ and ‘MAN DEM LINK UP’.

What was more important than Eskimo Dance? What’s he being secretive about? And why’s he heading to Canada to link BBK?

Finally, Novelist, who also has a real strong relationship with Skepta and features on “Lyrics” on the album, is in Toronto. It’s all over his Instagram, including a shout out ‘to the OVO team.’

Game, set, match. Now you KNOW something is popping.


A photo posted by Novelist (@novelistguy) on

Big up the OVO team. Photoshoot for Fader. ❤️???????????????? shot by @mayafuhr

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An MCs retreat to the 6? Let’s be real. Something is about to happen.

Nothing announced, but you’ve already guessed who took to Insta to promote Skepta’s project earlier today…

@skeptagram album out now!

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Why else would all of the squad be so set on heading to Canada? Whatever’s about to go down has Drizzy written all over it.

In the next few hours, we pray a monumental moment is gonna go down over on the 6 side. We are thinking a show, but can’t be sure.

Link up daddi.