News 8 January 2017
Author: Trudy Barry

Drake & his Summer Sixteen tour just smashed another record

Author Trudy Barry
8 January 2017

It seems this guy can do no wrong. Man of last year (and probably this year too), Drake, has just hit another massive milestone. The “Controlla” star’s latest tour, Summer Sixteen, is now the highest grossing hip hop tour of all time.


The accolade once belonged to Jay Z and Kanye West for their joint Watch The Throne tour back in 2012. Their album, of the same name, combined two of the most talented and respected rappers in the game of this generation, so it was inevitable that when they took that album to the stage they would be making history. Jay’s and Ye’s respective fans came in droves and their worldwide tour amassed an insane $75 million. It was the most successful hip hop tour of all time, until now.


According to Pollstarpro, Drake’s Summer Sixteen tour has surpassed Watch The Throne by earning $85 million. Let’s take a second to point out that this is only for the North American tour, as Drizzy’s upcoming European leg Boy Meets World is being treated as a separate tour altogether. Also, he only performed 54 dates, comparing to Watch The Throne’s 63. Yeah, he made more money from less dates. You can bet Jay Z is p-ssed right now.


When you break it down it’s not all that surprising that Drake has done this well. Since dropping in April, Views has taken over. Drake is the most played artist on Spotify with “Work”, “One Dance” and “Controlla” all dropping within the last 12 months. The tour itself also featured Future as support as well as part time bae Rihanna popping up on more than a few occasions. As well as Rih, there was also Eminem, Kanye, Fat Joe, J. Cole, Snoop Dogg, DJ Khaled and many others all popping up over the course of the year.


With Drake’s European tour due to kick off at the end of this month, we can only wonder what the 6 God has in store for us Brits. Considering his powerful love for grime music, could we be seeing BBK on stage at the O2? After all, we’ve got a couple theories involving Drake and the mandem