News 29 April 2016
Author: Sam

Drake’s ‘Views’: How the internet reacted

Author Sam
29 April 2016

Words: @sjriptweets

It’s no wonder there’s a little buzz around Drake’s latest release, ‘Views’.

For a sustained period, the 6 God has been churning out hits like Pharrell in the early noughties, and he shows no sign of letting up. Add to that the infectious “One Dance”, Drizzy’s first UK number one, a couple of really….

Drakey (adjective: combining compelling emotional sincerity and rap bravado) ….

trailers, and a two-bar Jay-Z verse, and you’ve got yourself a hype storm of anticipation.

Here’s a couple tweets to prove it.

Drake is on top of the rap game right now, perhaps explaining why he decided to place his mini-self on a very very very tall tower in Toronto for his much-memed album cover.  (It’s also a great vantage point for all of his views from the 6.)

Drizzy actually managed to out-meme the album cover memers by sharing, via meme, some of the features on his album on Instagram, showing that as well as having the Midas touch when it comes to hit-making, he can also have a laugh [create your own mini Drizzy including meme HERE– more marketing genius]. And generating even more…


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VIEWS…P3 up next ????

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In the early hours of the morning, Drake premiered ‘Views’. The rapper chose Apple Music’s Beats 1 radio show for the premiere, marking a shift after a recent stream of Tidal releases from stars like Beyonce and Kanye West (‘I got me a deal with Apple and I still feel enTidaled’). He also chose a time slot that sorted his truest of true UK fans.

With fifteen songs out of the album’s twenty completely unheard to date, there was no doubt twitter-fingers would be in a frenzy following the premiere.

Here is how the internet reacted to ‘Views’.

These reactions give you a sense of the vibe of Drake’s latest.

You know by now the reaction sentimental Drizzy gets.

And these ones reflect that, at the time of writing, people are loving it.

Then, of course, there were the ‘Lemonade’ comparisons

And with Drake winning, the web left us in no doubt on who’s losing.

‘Views’ is available here.