News 6 November 2020
Author: Courtney W

Dutchavelli Releases Highly-Anticipated Debut Mixtape ‘Dutch From The 5th’

6 November 2020

The man of the year Dutchavelli has come through with his first ever mixtape entitled Dutch From The 5th.

From gaining tens of millions of views on YouTube alone to receiving the Breakthrough Artist of the Year prize at this year’s Rated Awards, 2020 has been a huge year for Dutch so it’s only right he wraps things up with a mixtape to celebrate his success.

Dutch From The 5th begins with the Rymez-produced “Intro” and the honest yet lively track sets the tone for the rest of the record. Throughout the mixtape, Dutchavelli showcases his rugged drill sound which has proved popular with fans in recent times; unleashing straight-talking lyrics with his raspy voice on tracks such as “Ching Splash”, “2am”, “Kaka” and more. However, we do also hear Dutch switch things up a bit towards the end of the project on “Never Really Mine”.

Joining Dutch on his debut tape are the likes of Ray BLK, Fire and Birmingham star M1llionz who joins Dutch on their recently released banger “Cool With Me”.

“Drill artists, we get put into a box so quick,” Dutch told Apple Music. “It’s important for me to show that I have more to offer. I’ve always loved music, but it was like I never really felt any love back. Now I feel it, 100%.”

Be sure to take in Dutch From The 5th in full below.