News 19 September 2020

DVSA announce major changes to the UK Driving Theory Test

19 September 2020

The DVSA has announced major changes to the UK driving theory test which is set to come into effect this month.

The new theory test will scrap the case study question and answer section of the test in favour of a visual category.

Learners will now have to watch a clip with potential hazards and then answer multiple choice questions about the video.

The move aims to help make learning to drive more accessible – especially for those with learning disabilities and developmental conditions.

On the changes, the DVSA said, “Being able to drive can be life-changing and the DVSA is committed to helping everyone access the opportunities driving can offer. We have worked closely with road safety experts and learners to create a theory test which fully tests a candidate’s knowledge of the rules of the road and is more accessible.”

The hazard perception portion of the test will remain unchanged.

This news comes of course as many learners struggle to get Driving Test bookings following a backlog caused by the coronavirus lockdown.

Several learners have taken to Twitter to complain about waiting times and the lack of availability.