News 12 August 2020

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Named World’s Highest-Paid Actor For Second Year In A Row

12 August 2020

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is the world’s highest-paid male actor, according to wealth magazine Forbes.

The former wrestler has taken the reign for the second consecutive year, earning £67m between 1st of June 2019 to 1st of June 2020, which included receiving over £18m for the Netflix thriller Red Notice.

It has been said that the top 10 earners combined on the new Forbes list have made a whopping $545.5m U.S Dollars this year, with over a quarter of that thanks to Netflix, said Forbes.

Running up shortly behind the rock was Red Notice co-star Ryan Reynolds, who came up as the second-highest paid actor with earnings of £57.7m

Other renowned names that also made the top 10 list featured the likes of Jackie Chan, Adam Sandler and Will Smith.

Check out the ten highest-paid actors of 2020 below:

  1. Dwayne Johnson – $87.5 million
  2. Ryan Reynolds – $71.5 million
  3. Mark Wahlberg – $58 million
  4. Ben Affleck – $55 million
  5. Vin Diesel – $54 million
  6. Akshay Kumar – $48.5 million
  7. Lin-Manuel Miranda – $45.5 million
  8. Will Smith – $44.5 million
  9. Adam Sandler – $41 million
  10. Jackie Chan – $40 million