News 23 June 2017
Author: Rebecca Rose

Call for justice ensues as Edson dies after police traffic stop

23 June 2017

There is a mass call for justice today as news is emerging of the details of the killing of Edir Frederico Da Costa, who was known as Edson, by London police.

Edson was stopped with two other men in a car by police in East Ham on June 15. Police admittedly used force and CS gas to restrain the men, during which it is reported that Edson “became unwell”. However some believe the alleged brutal beating of the 25-year-old by the police who stopped the vehicle and the injuries he sustained are what led to his death in hospital last night. 

The injustice is this case is parallel to that heard of daily in America, and alike in the states the killing has been savagely swept under the carpet by the mainstream media and the police force.

First reports of the incident claimed, “
During the stop as officers tried to detain the 25-year-old they used force and CS gas and he became unwell.”

However many are questioning the true extent of the “force” used by the officers.

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The account is heartbreaking and harrowing beyond belief, Edson was a father whose girlfriend is expecting their second child. The fact that this is a young black man going against the system of the police only enrages any one who reads this story further, highlighting the claims of racism within the Met. 

Edson’s father has spoken to a Portuguese news agency on what happened to his son, (Edson moved to London from Portugal in 1996). Apparently the car they were travelling in that was pulled over was accused of being used in a robbery. Edson’s father claims he has been told by witnesses at the scene: “He fell to the ground and a policeman put a knee on his throat.”

The Independent Police Complaints Commison (IPCC) is investigating the case and is appealing for any witnesses to come forward on [email protected] or calling 0800 096 9073.

Below is their full statement:

The IPCC is appealing for witnesses as part of an ongoing independent investigation following a police stop of a car in Beckton, Newham.

The car, occupied by three people, was approached by Metropolitan Police officers on Woodcocks off Tollgate Road at about 10pm, 15 June.

One man, Edir Frederico Da Costa, aged 25, was detained by police officers. During this interaction it is believed police officers used force and deployed CS spray.

Mr Da Costa became unwell, first aid was administered, an ambulance was called and he was taken to hospital. Tragically on Wednesday 21 June, Mr Da Costa died.

A post-mortem was conducted on Thursday, 22 June. The pathologist concluded there were no injuries to suggest severe force was used.

Further investigations will be undertaken by the pathologist to establish the cause of death.

IPCC investigators deployed to the scene and attended the post incident procedure where officers provided initial accounts on the night of the incident. The IPCC are carrying out door to door enquiries in the area.

The hashtag #justiceforEdson is being circulated on Twitter by people who need answers and believe that this cannot continue to be swept under the carpet and those who committed this crime need to be held accountable. There is also a gofundme page set up to raise money for funeral costs and legal fees, you can donate here.