News 27 October 2017

Did Eminem’s manager cryptically reveal the name of his new album?

27 October 2017

Since dropping his spectacular BET Cypher freestyle two weeks ago, Eminem’s name has been thrust back into the spotlight.

The return of Slim Shady was the talk of social media again after his manager, Paul Rosenberg, posted the following on Instagram.

Look what arrived at the Shady offices today! @Yelawolf TRIAL BY FIRE comes out this Friday 10/27! #cdbaby

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Yes it does look like promotion for Yelawolf’s new album Trail By Fire but all is not what it seems.

The poster on the building contains the word “Revival” twice, the second time, the ‘E’ is highlighted and is styled differently.

The backwards ‘E’ is synonymous with Eminem and the ‘EMINƎM’ logo has been used on all his main stream albums except The Slim Shady LP.

“Revival medication” has it’s own website and when visiting it you can see the advert was placed by Interscope Records, who Eminem is signed to.

The site says you should “tell your doctor right away” if you experience “sweaty palms” after taking the “medication.”

In Emimen’s hit “Lose Yourself” he raps “his palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy.”

The site contains a video where an actor talks about the medication, he says “with Revival I won’t waste my one shot.”

How many shots does Eminem say he has to blow on Lose Yourself?

Not only is “sweaty palms” a possible side-effect of taking “Revival”, so is “Brain Damage”, which happens to be a song off The Slim Shady LP.

Another clue that Em’s new album is called “Revival” is the disclaimer, at the bottom of the site, that reads “Revival does not cause side effects but if you have them you should for sure seek medical attention, ‘I need a doctor.’”

In 2011 Eminem and Dr. Dre released a track called “I Need A Doctor”, the instrumental of the track is playing at the beginning of the video on the site.

If Em’s latest album is called “Revival” it will tie in with previous projects such as Relapse and Recovery.

A few weeks ago Em’s long time producer and fellow D12 member Mr. Porter posted this video on social media:

Music website Hits Daily Double has Eminem’s 9th album due date listed as November 17th, they were accurate with release dates for Sam Smith and Taylor Swift.

Em’s last album The Marshall Mathers LP 2 was released four years ago and sold four million copies worldwide.