News 3 August 2016
Author: Marisa Lee

Are these new emojis progressive or pointless?

Author Marisa Lee
3 August 2016

Following their move to finally add the middle finger emoji earlier this year, Apple has added a new handful of very 21st-century Emojis to its roster, largely increasing cultural diversity. 

Unicode who make Emojis have decided to remove the pistol Emoji in light of recent shooting events accross America, replacing it with a cute toy gun or water pistol instead.

As well as a previous update adding tonnes more countries’ flags to the keyboard, Emoji have now added a Rainbow flag for the LGBT+ community.

The wheelchair Emoji has been updated to be less static…

While female Emojis now have more roles, including a policewoman, builder and golfer, and there’s now also a ‘woman wearing turban’ Emoji.

The iconic pink-jumper-female Emojis have been joined by a set of male counterparts, where two ballet dancing men with rabbit ears can also be found.

A female rower has been added, and the pair are now “sun-smart” with hats on. Safety first, kids.

What do you think of the new all-inclusive updates?