News 13 February 2021

#EndSARS protests continue in Nigeria over the reopening of the Lekki Toll Gate

13 February 2021

#EndSars protests are taking place once more across Nigeria.

In October 2020, at least 10 people were killed according to Amnesty International as the army opened fire on protestors.

Today several people have been arrested at a rally as large groups took action against the reopening of the Lekki toll gate which was shut following the deadly events of 21st October.

The Lekki toll gate is a highway road that became the centre of the protests.

Due to its subsequent tragedy due to the shootings, reports suggest that protestors want the location to be turned into a memorial.

Investigations into the shootings have stalled which has sparked outrage both in Nigeria and across the diaspora.

The SARS protests gained worldwide traction as allegations of torture, violations of human rights and abuse at the hands of the special ant-robbery guard came to light.

Allegations include unlawful arrests and detainment disproportionately against young people, kidnapping, murder, extortion and theft.

SARS was dissolved in October but activists argue that little has changed.

In a statement on Twitter, Amnesty International said, “We are calling on all Nigerian authorities to demonstrate commitment to protect the right to peaceful protest.”

These new protests follow the news that a court in Abuja has ordered Nigeria’s Central Bank to unfreeze the accounts of protestors.

The blocks were authorised back in November 2020 and impacted at least 20 people.