News 4 January 2019

England footballer involved in cocaine controversy

4 January 2019

News has emerged of an England footballer allegedly taking cocaine in a nightclub toilet, as reported by The Sun

The player, who currently stars for a Premier League side, was reportedly caught by a teammate and then sent home in a taxi by his manager, who thought he was drunk. 

It is said the incident had occurred on a team outing just before Christmas after an away game. 

Club sources, as quoted by the newspaper, said, “One of the players saw him doing a line in the toilets then half an hour later he was all over the place.

“He wasn’t just drunk. The gaffer was furious and got him out the back door and into a taxi thinking he had drunk too much.”

Unsurprisingly, his team mates are absolutely shocked by the isolated incident. 

Nobody knows for sure who the player is but have a look on social media if you want to see some speculative names flying about!