News 18 November 2016

England & Scotland will be punished by FIFA for wearing Poppies

18 November 2016

The world governing body for the beautiful game have confirmed England and Scotland will be punished, after players from both sides wore poppy emblems on their armband during their World Cup qualifying match at Wembley.

The English and Scottish football associations were united in their defiance of FIFA instructions not to wear the poppies, as they wanted to pay respect on Armistice Day.

FIFA said the wearing of poppies are prohibited because they are “commercial, personal, political or religious messages” that they have banned.

A spokesman for FIFA said, “We can confirm that disciplinary proceedings have been opened on this matter. We cannot comment further at this stage nor speculate on any outcome or provide an estimated timeline.”

Both teams face the possibility of being fined or having points from their World Cup qualifying group deducted. Neither the Football Association or their Scottish counterparts have responded to FIFA’s announcement.

However last week, the Football Association said it will contest any fine, as they believe their “legal” and “moral” positions are right.

England are top of Group F after winning the game 3-0 last Friday.