News Videos 8 October 2016
Author: Cam Donald

WTF?! Enner Valencia chased By Police during International match

Author Cam Donald
8 October 2016

Ecuadorian Everton forward Enner Valencia, who is on loan at the Merseyside club from West Ham, has been caught up in an absolute madness.

During a World Cup Qualifier match between Ecuador and Chile last week, the striker had to fake an injury in order to escape the clutches of Ecuadorian police who chased his medical buggy as it rushed him to an ambulance. 

Apparently, Valencia owes his baby mama over £13,000 in child support for his daughter. Lawyers and Police officers waited outside the team bus as it entered the stadium grounds, but thanks to his team-mates intervening, Enner was able to get into the dressing room and start the match – at least his boys have got his back, eh?

In the 3-0 win for Ecuador (decent result, mind) Valencia managed to bag an assist before having to continue his run from the law. After being taken to a local hospital, no-one has been able to find the footballer, with the Telegraph reporting that his whereabouts are unknown. The clip of him being chased around the running track in the stadium is ludicrously funny. 

In fairness, on his Premier League wages he should at least be able to pay his ex-wife her alimony for his daughter. Come on Enner lad, sort it out.