#TBC Podcast Interviews News 19 May 2016

EPISODE 10 #TBC PODCAST: “UK vs USA” The transatlantic episode featuring TooBluntTV

19 May 2016

The tenth episode in the GRM #TBC Podcast Series.

Hosts Mikill and Vidal and producer Ren are joined by viral music critic TooBluntTV and special host, New Yorker, MaryEllen. Discussing all the news from last week including yet another Azealia Banks twitter outburst, Bugzy Malones fire in the booth and TooBluntTV calls in to let us know just how real the hype for UK Urban music is in the states.

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Hosts: Mikill & Vidal

Produced By: Ren

Guest: TooBluntTV

Brought to you by: GRM Daily & Bernie Mac