Exclusives 19 May 2022

GRM Exclusive: 11 Essential M Huncho Tunes

19 May 2022

When you think about the most influential figures of the British urban music scene, M Huncho is surely an artist that should spring to mind. With the sudden emergence of drill music and “afro-swing”, the landscape of our music scene is under major reconstruction. And when everything is said and done, M Huncho, along with a small cluster of British artists, will be remembered for cultivating what is now recognised as “trap-wave”.

His style promotes an interesting blend of real rap, still heavy on the bars combined with a vocal flair the UK hadn’t really experienced in this capacity prior to his arrival. As the release of his next project Chasing Euphoria beckons, GRM Daily celebrates his cultural impact as we reflect on some of his most essential tracks.

“Mad About Bars”

Marking his breakthrough emphatically, this was the first many people would have heard of the illusive masked character. A tale of two halves, he teased us with two very contrasting sounds of the highest quality. Much heavier on the auto tune, the opening half presented a charismatic screening of his unorthodox flow, chopping and changing unpredictably. On the flip side, he tore into the second hazy trap instrumental with more heartfelt lyrics about the roads.

“Too Close”

Offered as the introduction to his 48 hours EP back in 2018, which was all written and recorded inside of one tireless 48-hour studio session (hence the name), “Too Close” reveals M Huncho in his purest form. Regimented by the angelic humming abaft the beat layered underneath M Huncho’s smooth vocals, they work in harmony to create an almost perfect synergy on the track.

“Council Flat/ Calm Days”

Taken once again from his 48 Hours EP, this was the double-whammy I’m not quite sure we even deserved! Similar in essence but two very different tones, both offer a raw insight into the life of the man behind the mask, with reference to some of the experiences and situations that have shaped him into the man he is today.

“Broken Homes” ft Gunna & Nafe Smallz

Representing a huge milestone for the scene, M Huncho and Nafe Smallz traced the sound right back to its origins when they teamed up with the Atlanta drip king himself, Gunna. This track is an embodiment of the direction the entire movement is headed in, with the soft guitar licks on the instrumentation firmly ingrained in the DNA of this style of trap music.

“Pee Pee”

Along with “Thumb” this single became the most popular track from his second mixtape, Huncholini The 1st. This track is a candid display of what makes Huncho so great, which is his ability to create exquisite flows and melodies that just won’t get out of your head. There’s surely no other man on earth, who could turn “Pee Pee” into a catchy hook. 

Daily Duppy

M Huncho made his long awaited Daily Duppy appearance after years of anticipation. Huncho’s debut certainly did not disappoint, by providing fans with four and a half minutes worth of slick bars and punchlines, all wrapped up in Huncho’s signature delivery. Surely due to be a mainstay in playlists countrywide.


“Hate To Say”

Here, we are given another exhibit of his emotional depth, travelling far into the wounds opened up by his tainted past. Lyrics aside, this darkness was even extended to the solemn tone of the production on the track, with what I can only describe as a painful wail that loops throughout the entire song.



Yet another entry from his 48 Hours EP, here we see M Huncho take a slight step away from the ethereal trap instrumentals we’re used to hearing him on. Proclaiming that 2018 was all about elevation for him, just as the title would suggest, this track is dedicated to healing, motivating and uplifting its listeners.


“I pour out my heart on a trap instrumental, I went through some sh*t that f*cked up my mental ”!!! Taken from his 2020 project Utopia, the introduction to this song epitomises everything M Huncho is about as an artist. He lays his sweet melodies over an unearthly, trap instrumental infused with a lethargic, murky bassline as he announces his conquest for internal peace.

“A Man” Remix

Appearing with his unique rendition of Travis Scott’s “A Man”, Huncho attacks the beat with classic braggadocio; exemplified by coarse lyrics like “Don’t you worry [about my height], you should really ask me ‘bout my d*ck size”. Such is the erratic nature of the track; it is reflected fairly by Huncho’s psychedelic approach to the visuals, laden with flashing colours and trippy special effects.

“Warzone” ft Headie One

M Huncho is joined by North London heavyweight Headie One. The pair link up for a collaboration of epic proportions, which is further augmented by an incredible set of KC Locke visuals. Reminiscent of the hit 2019 film 1917, the guys walk through the aforementioned “Warzone”, while effortlessly delivering their lyrics.

Be sure to buy and stream the album below right now! And keep it locked on GRM Daily for any further developments.