News 29 December 2016
Author: Trudy Barry

Every single Skepta guest verse in 2016

Author Trudy Barry
29 December 2016

It’s been a hell of a year for Skepta, there’s no question. Whether you’re a fan of the BBK cofounder or not, there’s no denying that over the last 12 months Skep has elevated the grime scene into the public eye to levels we haven’t seen since Boy in Da Corner. A Mercury Prize winning album, a sell out show at Ally Pally and even a spot on the British tradition that is the Christmas edition of Top of the Pops – the Tottenham boy done good.


As well as dropping the genre defining mega album that was Konnichiwa featuring a slew of heavy hitters – Novelist, Wiley, JME, Pharrell – Skeppy also featured on many other tracks. The man of minute didn’t let the success go to his head and popped up on plenty of his peer’s songs.


Now that 2016 is (finally) drawing to a close, GRM Daily takes a look back at all the moments Skepta appeared on other people’s tracks, and to be honest, quite often stole the limelight.


Frisco ft. Skepta – “Raving Tonight”

Pre-Konnichiwa came this low-key collab with BBK brother, Frisco. The song pops up on Frisco’s album, System Killer, and wasn’t even a single so it’s easy to miss unless you deeped the LP, which you definitely should. However the track has classic old school vibes, strangely similar to Aggro’s “Free Yard” and is aptly named as we can definitely picturing this one popping off in the club.


Best bar: “This girl’s like a shit barber/always trying to fuck with my head”


Makonnen ft. Skepta & Céon – “Coming Soon”

Skepta’s first post-Konnichiwa offering was this bizarre collaboration with Makonnen. Rumour is Makonnen and Skep first linked in June when the LA born rapper headlined Rinse’s Born & Bred festival in Hackney. The following month this song dropped and the track definitely received a very mixed response. Some fans were unhappy with Skep’s diversion from grime – the track sounds more like a Lil Yachty tune than anything you’d hear coming from Tottenham – however it just goes to prove that Skepta’s catalogue is more diverse than “pure” grime.


Best bar: “Feeling like Jay in ’96, they can’t fuck with me/Dropped Konnichiwa, that’s the Blueprint, now you’re stuck with me”


Riff Raff ft. Skepta – “Back From The Dead”


Staying on the US flex, Skepta’s next collab came three months late on Riff Raff’s track “Back From The Dead”. The track dropped in October but the visuals didn’t come till almost two months later. Here’s an example of Skepta totally taking over the track. The chilled and spooky vibes that Riff is known for are blown away with Skep’s sinister (if a bit emo) bars.


Best bar: “I’m dead already/my funeral was amazing/it was beautiful.”


Smoke Dawg ft. Skepta – “Overseas”


Just three days after the Riff Raff track dropped, another Skepta featuring tune came from Canadian OG SmokeDawg. The red tinted vid features Skepta’s now iconic “Too weird to live, too rare to die” jumper. Mad to think this kind of sound is coming from Toronto, the track sounds like a bait North London beat.


Best bar: “He said come then, now, gun them down/Back of the whip, that’s where your son gets found”


A$AP Mob ft. Skepta – “Put That On My Set”


After posting an ominous snap of himself with A$AP Rocky to his Instagram page, fans knew another US collaboration would probably be coming imminently, and they were right. October was a busy month for Skep, as if two overseas tracks in one month weren’t enough soon came a third. The epic east-London-meets-La Haine inspired short film from the mob featured two tracks – “Money Man” and “Put That On My Set”. Skepta’s verse features on the second song and pretty much steals the show.


Best bar: “Man, I’m ready to die, my soul’s in the sky/See the pain in my eyes/I don’t wanna cry, put my life on the line/For my blood all the time”


Section Boyz ft. Skepta – “#Worst”


Another October joint, though this time Skep has reverted to his roots by mixing with South London’s own Section Boyz. There was so much hype surrounding the video and track that when it eventually did drop on Halloween evening, some fans were left disappointed. We’re taking this as a big win for the scene though, and with over two million views at the time of writing, it’s certainly been impactful.


Best bar: “I been on the edge, man I beg you please don’t push me bro”


Special mention: P Money ft. Jme & Wiley – “Gunfingers” prod. Skepta


Though Skepta’s lyrics don’t feature in this banger from P Money, there’s no denying that the producer in him made his comeback with this video game inspired beat from P Money’s debut album.


Wiley ft. Skepta & Belly – “U Were Always, Pt.2”


This synth drenched, 80s inspired slow jam came just in time for Christmas cuffing season. Linking up with the OG that is Wiley, this track was always going to be an instant classic. The track will feature on Wiley’s upcoming album, Godfather which is slated for a January 13 release (though who can be sure).


Best bar: “All them Victoria Secrets that you were keepin’/That’s not love that’s breakin’ the rules”


Shorty ft. Skepta – “Meant To Be”


Dropping the same day as his history making Alexandra Palace show, Skepta stayed true to his roots by featuring on his day one’s track. Shorty’s first album Moesh Music has been a long time coming and of course Skep was going to pop up on there. The track brings the waves and is good for pre-drinking, even if Skep’s verse seems to fade into the background.


Best bar: “The BBK alliance, we’re really out here duckin’ from the sirens/Hyenas get eaten by the lions”


Here’s to more of the vibesiest, waviest tracks dropping in 2017.