News 16 March 2017

Here’s everything you need to know about the new one pound coin

16 March 2017

With the new fivers doing their rounds, the new one pound coin will soon be introduced this month.

The design, said to be harder to counterfeit, is the same size as the old, but has 12 sides as opposed to being round. Around 45 million one pound coins currently in circulation are fake, but the new quid apparently features a secret “patent hight security feature” to prevent this from happening again. 

The design itself was created by schoolboy David Pearce [pictured above] who won the nationwide comp’ back in 2015.

Have a fair few quids to spend? No worries at all, you’ll have until 15th October to either spend your one pound coins or return them to the bank. You might not want to part with them so easily though, because avid coin-collectors suggest that the old coins will soon be worth a pretty penny.

Richard Lobel of Coincraft said, “The end of the round pound means many people will want a complete collection from 1983 to today.

“They’re difficult to get because nobody puts them aside, after all they are one pound, not a penny. But don’t expect to them to rocket in value.”

He suggested that putting one of the new pounds away from each year would create a great collectible set. Cheers Rich.