GGR Interviews News 7 June 2016
Author: Elle SM

EXCLUSIVE: Games, Gadgets and Rhymes Episode 6: Avelino vs Haile WSTRN #GGR

Author Elle SM
7 June 2016

Welcome to our brand new gaming show ‘Games, Gadgets and Rhymes’, where we bring together two industry gamers each episode to go head to head on 3 video games and see where they rank on our #GGR leaderboard throughout the series.

Filmed in the AMAZING GFinity Arena in Fulham Broadway, with hosts Mr Midas, Richie Driss and Ami, we find out a little bit about our guests gaming habits, get the the update on new games and gadgets each episode in the 60 Second Review, as well as having top prizes up for grabs.

This week sees another SICK episode as we bring together Avelino and WSTRN’s Haile to battle it out head to head for the top spot on the GGR leaderboard.

Will the Young Fire take the win or is Haile just in his zone?!

Ami also provides a 60 Second Review of the mighty ‘Doom’ this week.

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