News 23 October 2020
Author: Seth P

Check out in depth new rap podcast ‘Exit The 36 Chambers’

23 October 2020

Exit The 36 Chambers, is of course a nod to the Wu’s seminal debut Enter The 36 Chambers. The podcast hopes to provide insightful and meaningful discussion on topics ranging from: why Mac Miller has the best journey of growth in rap, to why Ghostface Killah is one of history’s most original writers.

As well as this broad range of topics, the trio of hosts (Thomas Hobbs, Oumar Saleh and Sam Davies, all accomplished music journalists) will be accompanied by a selection of distinguished guests. This weeks episode features the UK’s first openly gay rapper Mista Strange and journalist Emma Madden to discuss homophobia in rap. 

Stream it below now! New episodes will be dropping every Tuesday till the end of the year.