News 17 June 2016
Author: Marisa Lee

Explicit new ‘Brotherhood’ trailer shows Stormzy’s character

Author Marisa Lee
17 June 2016

A brand new and extended Brotherhood trailer has been released, and shows us more of Stormzy’s character in his acting debut.

Stormzy, in a full Adidas tracksuit of course, plays a member of a gangster’s crew who main protagonist Sam teams up with to threaten Uncle Curtis. The trailer is full of tension, as we see Stormz threaten a guy with a hammer, smiling sinisterly, while Sam tazes a guy while a takeaway owner holds a machete to another.

The full plot of the film has also been released, which you can read below. It’s time to start getting gassed.

“It all started with Kidulthood. After that came Adulthood, and now, set a decade later, comes the third and final entry into the popular franchise with Brotherhood, as we step foot, for the last time, onto the unforgiving streets of West London, and into the precarious life of Sam Peel (Noel Clarke).

Many years have past since Sam left prison following the murder of Trife, and he’s a changed man, matured and wiser, seeking an untroubled, peaceful existence alongside his loyal partner Kayla (Shanika Warren-Markland) and their child, who he remains blindly committed to. While he may have moved on, needless to say his adversaries have long memories, and Uncle Curtis (Cornell John) is seeking vengeance on the man who took away the life of his nephew.

The streets have changed, society has progressed and Sam is unequipped for what’s in store, as he encounters new faces on the block in Daley (Jason Maza) and the sadistic killer Melvin ‘Hugs’ Levin (Leeshon Alexander) – both of whom seem intent on taking him down once and for all. Backed up by a series of foot soldiers, industriously patrolling the neighbourhood on the lookout for Sam, including Yardz (Stormzy) and Wino (Fady Elsayed), the target realises he’s going to rely on the assistance of a few old friends.

Calling in a favour from the now settled down Henry (Arnold Oceng), who seems reluctant, if obliged to support his old friend’s cause – the pair want a civil outcome with no blood shed. Sam can also rely on the diligent assistance of Detective Desmond ‘Buds’ Lynch (David Ajala) and his colleague Parkinson (Nick Nevern), hoping that he can form a collective strong enough to finally put an end to this madness.

However Sam’s outlook takes a rather dramatic swerve when he senses that his family may be in danger following a severe threat, and so he commences into battle, as his past catches up with him in a harsh and brutal manner, as he sets out to end this longstanding battle, for good.”