News 11 July 2024

Could there be an extra bank holiday if England win the Euros?

11 July 2024

Prime Minister Keir Starmer expressed a desire to “mark the occasion” if England triumphs in the Euros football tournament following their victory over the Netherlands, securing a place in Sunday’s final against Spain.

However, he refrained from promising a bank holiday, stating he did not want to “jinx” the outcome.

The Liberal Democrats have been vocal in advocating for an extra bank holiday after England’s 2-1 win over the Netherlands. Starmer, who previously supported a bank holiday for the women’s football team reaching the World Cup final, spoke at the NATO summit in Washington, emphasising the importance of not jinxing the result. “We should certainly mark the occasion,” he said. “The most important thing is getting it over the line on Sunday.”

Should England defeat Spain, plans are in place for a celebration in London on Tuesday, featuring an open-top bus parade from Guildhall to Buckingham Palace. The players would meet Starmer the day before. Downing Street has confirmed the prime minister and new Culture Secretary Lisa Nandy will attend the final in Berlin.

Reflecting on the team’s journey, Starmer shared his confidence in their success. He revealed that he stepped out of NATO summit meetings to catch parts of the match. “I saw Harry Kane get the first goal. It was brilliant,” he said. “I’ve always said this team were going to go all the way.”

The prime minister humorously remarked on England’s penalty success under a Labour government and firmly stated his support for the team. He dismissed suggestions that he would resign if England lost. “I’ve always believed in this team,” he said.

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