News 11 April 2021

Facebook experiments with new app to rival Clubhouse called Hotline

11 April 2021

The popularity of the invite-only app Clubhouse that allows you to listen in on discussions, interviews, and debates between a variety of people on various subjects has clearly been on Facebook’s radar.

⁣The internal R&D team at the tech giant has now made their new app, Hotline, available for public beta testing.

The app is described as a combination of Clubhouse and Instagram Live.

Audience members can ask questions via audio or text, and creators can speak to them via a hotline.

Developers, unlike Clubhouse, can opt to turn on their cameras, and the latest app is said to have drawn inspiration from Clubhouse. It will be easy to use for fans of the original Clubhouse app as well as other audio-only social networks.

Anyone will be able to join the app, and there is no limit to the number of people who can listen in on sessions. 

In other Facebook news, the tech giant recently announced that they will soon launch an Instagram app for children.