News 20 December 2020

Facebook set to build a tool which will read & summarise news articles for users

20 December 2020

Facebook has informed employees that they are working on a tool that will read news articles for the app’s users and generate a brief summary so that you won’t have to read them yourself.

The announcement came at a company-wide meeting, led by CEO Mark Zuckerberg, according to a report.

The feature is allegedly called “TLDR”, which stands for “Too Long Didn’t Read”.

Not only will the tool be able to generate bullet points to summarise articles, but it is also said to be voice-enabled, which means users will have the option to have the summaries read out loud to them.

BuzzFeed’s Ryan Mac reported that the TLDR feature is also being developed to answer questions about the articles posted.

He explained, “For example, you could ask ‘Hey Facebook, how many people will this vaccine help’ and it supposedly would spit out an answer.”

Facebook Chief Technology Officer, Mike Schroepfer, added, “Our investments in technology aren’t just about keeping our services running. We are paving the way for breakthrough new experiences that, without hyperbole, will improve the lives of billions.”