News 30 August 2023

Fake plastic surgeon jailed after killing man with penis enlargement surgery

30 August 2023

A man who falsely presented himself as a plastic surgeon has been sentenced to five years in prison after performing a lethal penis enlargement operation.

Torben K., a 46-year-old catering worker from Solingen, Germany, was found guilty of causing death by grievous bodily harm by judges in Wuppertal District Court.

The court learned that Torben K., who lacked any medical credentials, administered silicone oil injections to the patient’s penis and scrotum during a procedure advertised as a “girth enhancing” treatment.

The victim, a 32-year-old man whose name was not disclosed in court, passed away from sepsis seven months of suffering after the operation in July 2019.

Despite visiting various hospitals, he succumbed to blood poisoning, liver failure and kidney failure, having endured a lengthy stay in an intensive care unit.

Prosecutors explained that the injected silicone oil entered the victim’s bloodstream, leading to severe complications and ultimately his death.

Investigations revealed that Torben K. had also performed the same risky procedure on another man earlier this year. He refused to disclose the type of silicone oil used during the operations.

Liquid silicone injections for genital enlargement have been used for some time, despite their associated risks. These injections trigger the formation of a thick mass known as a granuloma in response to the foreign substance, theoretically increasing the size of the injected tissue.

However, this procedure is prohibited in the UK due to its serious hazards, including the potential development of siliconoma, a severe inflammatory reaction necessitating surgical removal.

Although the verdict is subject to appeal, Torben K.’s case underscores the dangers posed by unauthorised and unqualified individuals performing medical procedures.

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