News 3 January 2017

Fan opens up Donald Trump themed restaurant

3 January 2017

Trump fever is, unfortunately, properly global. 

Restaurant owner Nadyar Zawite has shown his love for the new President-elect by renaming his restaurant after him, which is bizarrely located in the Iraqi Kurdistan city of Dohuk. 

During his campaigning, Trump announced he was a big fan of Kurdish forces and suggested that the US should arm them in their fight again ISIS. Zawite renamed the restaurant “Trump Fish” (catchy title there) to pay homage.

Speaking on America’s new President, Zawite said, “he’s decisive, he’s tough, and hopefully with that toughness he’ll finish ISIS off.” 

When presented with Trump’s pledge to ban all Muslims from entering America, Nadyar shrugged it off as “mere campaign rhetorics”.

As if this story wasn’t bonkers enough, Hassan Jamil – a member of the military forces in the same region of Iraqi Kurdistan – has named his newborn baby Trump Hassan Jamil.

The man’s reasoning behind it in  his words is because he “called him Trump because he is charismatic and has clear policies and that’s why he won the election“.

Confused? Yeah, so are we…