News 20 September 2020

Farmer ‘offering cocaine in exchange for milking his cows’ arrested

20 September 2020

A dairy farmer has been given a 10-month jail sentence after using his farm as a location for drug dealing, with one customer offering to milk cows in exchange for cocaine.

The farmer was found with three bags of cocaine and £210 in cash at Cois Bruach, Curra in Riverstick on April 5th of last year. Multiple text messages were found on an iPhone which suggested that he was supplying drugs.

The farmer admitted that he had been using cocaine, saying that he had been doing so for nine months to a year, and on weekends he would often do between two to six lines a night.

The police have said that the “messages told a different story.”

Judge McNulty read through some of the text messages, one of which said “Any chance of a fifty for Sunday? Or I can milk for you Sunday, I’m off”.

The farmer was charged with possession and possession of the drugs for sale and supply.

His solicitor, Diarmuid O’Shea, said his client had “turned his life around” through addiction therapy, but the judge questioned why Coleman had “underplayed” the severity of his drug habits in the probation report.