News 12 March 2019
Author: Courtney W

Meet Faron Paul: The Brave Father Taking Knives Off The Streets

12 March 2019

Knife crime in London is a massive problem and one man trying to ease the tension in the capital is the brave father, Faron Paul.

After being stabbed nine times twice in his teens, Paul has initiated an informal knife amnesty which encourages young people to hand in their knives in exchange for JD Sports vouchers.

Speaking to Sky News recently, the 33-year-old said “Everybody wants to know why I do this – I do it because I have kids and I want them to live long and happy lives.

“But every time I take a knife off the street I am probably saving a life and stopping someone from going to jail.”

Aware of the dangers of his work, Paul wears a stab proof vest and is usually accompanied by a friend and his dog when he collects knifes from young people.

Knife carriers are able to arrange to meet Faron Paul to hand over their weapons to Faron Paul via social media. Their anonymity is kept as the Paul gives his details to the police once he passes the knifes over to them.

For more information on Faron Paul’s courageous work, check out his Instagram page: @officialfaz.