Videos 5 September 2017
Author: Alex Griffin

Fekky is “Cappin’ On The Net” in new video

5 September 2017

After finally unveiling his debut album El Clasico to the world, Fekky is back with a brand new music video, for another song lifted off of the LP.

This time around it’s “Cappin’ On The Net” that gets the visual treatment, the real rap tune that fast became a fan favourite when the project dropped back in August.

“‘Cappin’ On The Net’ basically means talking rubbish on the internet,” Fekky told The Fader
“This track is about what I see in today’s world as a result of the influence of social media. I feel like everyone’s got something to say, often too much, so ‘Cappin’ On The Net’ is my way of cutting through the noise and saying my piece.

“With the video, I wanted it to portray a bit of class but also keep it street. My favourite shot was when they filmed me standing on top of the moving van in the middle of the street. That’s what I call a statement shot and one that is indicative of how I feel: On top!”

Watch the official video for the tune above now, before catching up with the whole of El Clasico, right here on GRM Daily.