Videos 22 September 2021
Author: Luke Forte

Micah Richards Joins Poet & Vuj On Hilarious ‘Fifa & Chill’ Episode

Author Luke Forte
22 September 2021

On this week’s episode of Fifa & Chill, former football star Micah Richards picks up the pad for a brand-new episode wrapped up in hysterics, beard-fibre talk and special-guest appearances.

From the get-go Richards has Poet on ropes turning to his own Manchester Blue’s to apply the pressure against the rivalling Red’s – making it crystal-clear that the former right back can school anyone both on the pitch in real life as well as virtually.

During Micah and Poet’s bout, the three get into a free-flowing conversation asking Richards questions regarding a potential link-up with legendary Roy Keane to push a TV cameo between the two, featuring in a T2 music video and crowning Richards with the ‘sharpest hairline’ in the game.

Throughout the two’s one-sided match, the scene is rushed by a number of special-guests ‘bursting onto the scene’ from OG goalkeeper David James to present-day superstars Chunkz and Aitch pulling up in a golf caddy.

Take in Poet’s & Juv’s favourite Fifa & Chill episode yet above!