News 26 September 2016

FIFA just said they cured racism (basically)

26 September 2016

Kick It Out describe FIFA’s decision to disband its anti-racism task force “perplexing”.

The anti-decrimination group made the comments after football’s governing body informed members of the task force that it has “completely fulfilled its temporary mission” and “is hereby dissolved and no longer in operation”.

The decision was made despite continuing concerns about racist behaviour from Russian supports.

In response to FIFA’s announcement, Kick It Out chairman Lord Ouseley said, “This comes at a time when there is clear evidence that discrimination, prejudice and hate are on the rise in developed societies.

“Organisations that are actively campaigning against racism and discrimination will be deeply disheartened to hear news of the disbandment, as they look to FIFA for leadership in a game which is so popular across the world.

“The reality is that racism is alive and well right across Europe and in other parts of the world.”

Since being announced as the host nation for the 2018 World Cup, the number of racist incidents involving Russian fans have “surged”.

According to the latest statistic, gathered by UEFA-affiliated network FARE, there were 92 incidents of racist behaviour by Russian fans in and around stadiums in the 2014-15 season however that figure could be higher because most cases go unpunished.

Earlier this month, Uefa ordered Russian club FC Rostov to shut part of their stadium for a Champions League game against PSV Eindhoven as punishment for racist behaviour of their fans.