Videos 5 August 2018

New FIFA19 Features Announced At eWorld Cup

5 August 2018

Yesterday (4 August), FIFA took over the O2 Arena in London by hosting the final of its eWorld Cup and they also used the opportunity to announce details of the new features coming to FIFA 19.

Over twenty million players were a part of the FIFA18 eWorld Cup when it started but it was Mossad ‘Msdossary’ Aldossary and Stefano Pinna who made it to yesterday’s final. After playing a game on both PS4 and Xbox One, it was MSdossary who was crowned the FIFA18 champion after beating Pinna 4-0 on aggregate. As well as being presented with the trophy, MSdossary also won £192,000 in prize money.

In addition to showcasing the greatest FIFA18 players, FIFA announced several new features coming to FIFA19 this autumn.

One of the biggest updates came in the form of ‘House Rules’ in kick-off mode which will allow users to add several new features to single games. For example, users will be able to play with ‘no rules’ so that red cards and offsides are forgotten about, and there will be an option that allows goals scored out of the penalty area count as two goals.

Other changes to Kick Off mode include making single matches Champions League or Europa-League-themed which will add official logos and change commentators.

Updates to FIFA Ultimate Team include: new icons, new ‘ones to watch’, new Champions League items and a new mode of ‘FUT division rivals’.

To see all the action and announcements from the FIFA18 eWorld Cup, check out the video above.