News 30 May 2017
Author: Marisa Lee

You can now fight Theresa May in ‘Corbyn Run’ video game

Author Marisa Lee
30 May 2017

As if the upcoming election hasn’t already been enough of a joke, Labour supporters have now made a video game where you can play as Corbyn fighting to take money back from tax-evaders and dodging Conservative ministers.

What a time to be alive.

Created by a team known as Games for the Many, “Corbyn Run” sees the man himself come under attack from Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, Boris Johnson hanging from a zip wire and, controversially, the ghost of Margaret Thatcher.

The prize at the end of every completed level is the activation of a Labour Party manifesto pledge, and while on the run, Corbz is joined by people who would benefit from the policies including deliveroo cyclists, students and parents.

GRM Daily

The ultimate boss in the game is of course Theresa May, who appears riding a blue conservatives bus with the word “Lies” written on the side. Shady.

The game isn’t officially associated with the party, but the game’s producer, James Moulding, told Buzzfeed that John McDonnell’s team have given it the thumbs up.

Play it on iOS and Android now.