News 21 October 2016
Author: Sam

1st Listen Review: Bonkaz’s ‘Fuck Fame’ mixtape

Author Sam
21 October 2016

You know about these first listen reviews by now, yeah? It’s like a straight up type it review on the first listen… does what it says on the tin kinda thing.

Okay – so, the topic of conversation today is Bonkaz brand new Fuck Fame project. First thought – Mixtape of the Year is gonna be a tough act to follow (lil reminder of that greatness at the end of the paragraph – call it an aperitif). Second thought – this cover is lit, although that amount of followers, not so lit. Ok, let the music play, let’s get into it.

1. “Trinna Carter”

Ok, ok this beat sounds like a grime version of early millennium Neptunes in my opinion. And it starts with bars, and then there’s more bars – rah this is a bar fest. We got a bit of reminiscing here, a bit of introspection, a bit of emotion, he’s going off.

2. “What The Fuck Is Fame” 

Wow. You know when an MC says something that makes you stop everything you are doing? Listen to the story-turned-metaphor in the first few bars of “What the Fuck is Fame?” and then listen again, cos yeah those bars just happened. Rah, Bonkz really does this. Quite a strict flow on this one and a catchy hook, comparing real life pressures with that fame life. Produccy on these tracks is a bit of a joke (in a good way) so far, who produced this? Jevon? Big up to you anyway. I rate this tune highly.

3. “Lonely” (ft. Jevon)

Bonkz getting on his singing-come-rapping on track three, over a nice beat with infectious vocal on the top of it. Bonkz, if verse two is real and you’re getting drunk at 6pm, on your jays? Are you cool bro? I feel like this “Riding on my lonely” tip is like the growth from going fuck fame on the last tune, and maybe that’s like a response to originally thinking he wanted to be like Jay-Z on ‘Trinna Carter’. Concepts right here. Oooh the beat switches up HARD on this one, on a Drizzy Drake inspired ting. This is so sick.

4. “Sleeping In The Studio” (ft. Knucks & Jevon)

Sorry to keep going on on this, but who does Jevon think he is producing these tunes? One to four are straight fire on the produccy and Bonks is going appropriately ham. This is shaping up to be quite a banger. Introspective and bar-heavy so far, with a tight focus on the Fuck Fame theme. Bonkaz, upcomer Knucks and the project’s exec producer Jevon all flow together fluently.

5. “Flex Level 100”

“Flex Level 100” delivering the turn up like it’s supposed to. This the kinda shit to play when you’re splashing that cereal with your crusty-first-thing-in-the-morning eyes, to get you feeling like a don before your day. Bonks actually dropped some bars about almond milk and toothpaste on track four, so blame him for that imagery.

6. “On The Roads”

Track six – I’m all about this moment when it flips from Bonks flipping bars to the melodic “They were never on the road” hook. All about it, allll about it. This verse two flow is a joke, kinda a Konan “Last Night In LA” type of flex, and then into that chorus – wow.  This is a banger. Ok tracks two and six my favourites so far.

7. “Complicated” (ft. JGrrey)

“Complicated” is a real mature track. Not your standard rap track structure, it really mixes up the the form over a sick beat. Said beat repeatedly switches up and every contortion is as sick as the last. Maybe the most pop sounding vocal so far, harmonies and all sorts, but that’s fitting for the subject matter – a deep relationship with the better sex. Bonkz is showing some surefire maturity on this.

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8. “Drifting”

From a love tune to a road tune, Drifting is a certy head banger. Straight bar fest here, and Bonks has got a lot of ‘em, as he takes on a cold and understated beat from man like Nyge. This is for the streets.

9. “Gunshot”

“Gunshot” got Bonks sounding passionate. Some bee has got in his bonnet, boy. Could be the jealous man, or those guys chatting shit, but this emotion-fuelled vibe is sounding certy from Bonks. This yardie voice on the vocals sounding hard too. This has got a dark vibe to it, another nice switch up. This project is coming at me from all angles.

10. “Blessings”

“Blessings” is the last track and is a fitting finisher to a mature and versatile album. Fuck Fame is the development of Bonkaz – he is really spreading his wings as an artist with songs, well-constructed, immaculately produced songs, on which he gets into complex subject matter in a gripping way. I’m not sure this first listen thing can do justice to how impressed I am. Certy project.