News 6 April 2016
Author: Jaik Fenton

Five men jailed for stealing £20,000 worth of Jammie Dodgers

Author Jaik Fenton
6 April 2016

Five men have received a total of 11 years in prison after stealing £20,000 worth of Jammie Dodgers.

In one of the strangest stories of 2016, the gang from near Liverpool all pleaded guilty to the bizarre charge. Having disguised themselves as deliverymen, they made away with the obscene quantity of biscuits by swapping an empty carriage for one full of the treats.

Unfortunately for the Burtons biscuit factory in Cwmbran, South Wales, they were unable to Dodge the impending daylight robbery.

It’s a story that’s likely to leave you wondering the thought process behind the heist, and what they were set to do with the Jammie Dodgers itself?

The Jammie Dodgers were never recovered, but you would think they have either been eaten, or are close to full consumption.

Do you think the court were taking the biscuit? Or were they Jammie enough to get away with small sentences?