News 7 November 2017
Author: Marisa Lee

Flight forced to land after woman unlocks husband’s phone & discovers affair

Author Marisa Lee
7 November 2017

If there’s a worst place to find out your husband’s having an affair, it’s probably a plane.

A woman who got into her husband’s phone using his fingerprint while he was asleep found out he was cheating and kicked off, apparently repeatedly hitting her husband after the discovery.

Flight attendants tried to intervene but were unable to calm her down, leaving the Qatar airways stuck with no other option but to o make an emergency landing in Chennai, India when she wouldn’t stop hitting him.

The couple and their child were removed from the plane, which then finished the flight from Doha to Bali.

“The family spent the day at Chennai airport. No police action was taken,” a source told the newspaper.

Chennai’s newspaper the New Indian Express reported that the airport’s director said the woman was drunk and was held at the airport until she sobered up and the family were allowed back on another plane.